CFP: WCPCA Conference

Call for Proposals
The Working-class/Poverty-class Academics (WCPCA) Group
14th Annual International Conference
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
June 25-27, 2010

The Working-class/Poverty-class Academics Group announces the Call for Proposals for the 14th Annual International Conference to be held at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock during June  25-27, 2010.

Conference Theme: “The Past, Present, and Future of Social Class Origins in Higher Education”

This year’s WCPCA Conference will focus on the following areas:

1) Intersections of class with race, gender, age, and numerous other diversity areas;
2) Identities of working/poverty class students, staff, faculty members,  and activists, told through storytelling, writing, discussion and activism, etc.
3) International perspectives of class and cross-cultural awareness of class
4) Personal and professional aspects of significant social class mobility; can you ever go home again?
5) Regional variants of working class and poverty class life

We are seeking proposals for workshops, media presentations, scholarly papers, book and roundtable discussions in the above areas. The purpose of the conference is to critically examine working-class and poverty-class culture, and the ways significant social class mobility to the middle-class impacts all aspects of our lives. It is also intended to provide insights into how class works, on domestic and international levels, and what personal/political initiatives we can take to address class issues.

The deadline for proposals will be April 30, 2010.

Please direct any questions regarding proposals to Andreas Kemper at
< > or Jim Vander Putten at < >.